If a club are signing a player from the same league or from a team that play on the same day of the week then a transfer or dual registration will be required. Once submitted to the league any transfer or dual registration that needs actioning will appear in the leagues transfer decision tab. A dual registration will retain the registration with the existing team as well as creating a registration for the new team. This is used when a player wishes to play for 2 teams with the same day of play in different leagues. A transfer is needed when a player is moving from one team to another in the same league.

Start Transfer – This is used when the league wishes to start the transfer process. It will notify the club that the player is transferring from of the transfer process beginning to which they will have 3 days to object (Please note: The league will have to monitor the 3 days)

Reject – This button will reject the registration and inform the initiating club of the reason which can be inputted when the league hit the button.

Dual Registration – This button will retain the registration of the serving club and also create a new membership with the initiating club.